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Photo of Carl Johann Schroeder
Carl Johann Schroeder
Spiritual Teacher and Life Coach Inner Selves Mastery

Welcome to the Inner Selves Mastery system for personal evolution, founded by spiritual teacher and life coach, Carl Johann Schroeder.

In this system of teachings developed by Carl and his spirit team, you learn to identify and work with your inner selves to free the archetypal energies of healing and change within you. Feminine, masculine – spirit, soul, human ego – inner child, adolescent, young adult – conscious, subconscious, superconscious – and so much more. Every human being has an inner world to master for their own connection to the Source and the life fulfillment they deserve. All human suffering stems from mismanagement of the inner selves, and your participation in the future of the planet depends upon your own compassionate self-stewardship. Mindfulness, recovery from negative habits and beliefs, healthy relationships, dreamwork and synchronicities, a realization of personal destiny, co-creation with the Universe. Truly you are the seed of love in your own reality.

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