Cultivating Patience

  • Cultivating Patience

  • Ankit

    June 13, 2021 at 12:36 am

    Patience has always eluded me

    Part of it has to with my early conditioning

    I was always expected to perform in the fastest possible way

    Whether in education or career

    And this strategy worked to a larger degree for the longest time

    But, recent pursuits outside of career forced me to finally work towards cultivating patience

    For they are long term pursuits

    And long term pursuits require patience

    It requires one to not expect results immediately or on a day to day basis

    It can be particularly hard when we are used to seeing results so quickly

    So, in my search for developing patience, I came across this talk by Leo from Actualized.org: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ie8olvmaZug

    He gave an excellent practice advice on developing patience

    The amount of time we expect to achieve a certain goal

    Triple it straight away

    For example, if I am hoping to achieve XYZ in 1 year, I can assume it can take upto 3 years

    I found this strategy to be effective because it takes the pressure time off and act as a forcing function for big picture thinking

    When we function at high speeds, there’s a tendency to lose track of the north star

    And this may lead to making decisions or taking actions in short term that may not pay dividends later

    By extending the time horizon, our actions are likely to stay consistent with the long term goals with better clarity

    Here’s the catch

    Because of improved clarity, we might achieve the goal much sooner than we initially anticipated!

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