Working With Emotions and Impulses

  • Working With Emotions and Impulses

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  • Carl Johann Schroeder

    May 29, 2021 at 10:08 pm

    Hi, my name is Carl Johann Schroeder, I’m a spiritual teacher and life coach with my Inner Selves Mastery system for personal evolution. Here’s some fundamental advice I like to include in my newsletters because it’s so universally applicable. You can get my newsletter at http://www.signupism.com which also connects to my YouTube channel and homepage of events, classes and services.

    These days most people are experiencing emotions and energies all over the place, and I can validate that this is normal! Humanity is learning to navigate the emotional plane, having already mastered (however clumsily) the physical. Without emotional mastery life remains an impulsive mess, so now is the time to face and find our way through the collective unconscious. And where is that? Look around, you’re soaking in it!

    (Some of us may remember Madge from the “you’re soaking in it” commercials circa 1980. It claimed that Palmolive dishwashing liquid would soften your hands so well that you could soak in it at the beauty parlor. Well that’s about as ridiculous as claiming the collective unconscious is so good for you that you should soak yourself in 24 hour news and entertainment. Don’t try this at home folks. The collective is a resource to stimulate us positively or negatively, so we can then do the inner work to figure out what just happened to us!)

    Every physical situation has an energetic component which resonates with anyone anywhere who is doing the same pattern in themselves. Thus, you can be physically safe from an event by distancing in time and space, but then wide open to those emotions if you have a hook or trigger inside. And we all have tons of little leftover emotional seeds from our reactive pasts, so have no shame to be a highly evolved/evolving person who suddenly has to deal with the kinds of lower emotional junk that typifies the negative people you were trying to get away from.

    Everyone has their own patterns to sort through to clear and heal, and you know you’ve succeeded when suddenly the heavy outer world evaporates and you’re on your soul’s path again. Learn how to say no to what’s not right for you without judgmental condemnations or reactions of negativity, so it can still be someone else’s lesson and they won’t be wrong or bad to face it when they’re ready. The only way to progress in life is to say a big YES to the choices that are right for you, while freeing others with compassion.

    So the key is to process emotions honestly while holding onto your interpretations and visions for your own life. The fundamental power we own as consciousnesses is to interpret situations, to say why it happened and where it’s going. To be a spiritual person is not to have no problems or challenges, we still have plenty to work on in life. But our strength is to have answers, techniques and conviction to decide the positive view, to frame things for good outcomes, to work for a vision, to keep returning ourselves to our own path of choice and destiny. The universe responds with synchronicities of opportunity and kindred spirits to build our dreams with.

    When distracting moods and impulses come up, the first step is of course to just say no, I’m focusing on this now. If it keeps coming up though, then we need to acknowledge the energy, not by immediately doing it but by feeling it enough to discover the inner self behind the emotions. We want to create a safe space in which to get to know and accept the parts of ourselves. This can be done quickly in a moment of self-talk, or in more depth with meditating, journaling, therapy, creative expression, self-reflecting in nature, etc. Then we can make a wise decision of what to do with the energy of this self, such as guiding it to appropriate action if it’s positive (loving) or transforming it to insight if it’s negative (hurtful).

    For example, an impulse to run outside to get away from a task could be the inner child who loves to play and can’t do an adult’s life. So take a moment to see and talk to that self, give it a safe space in which to say what it wants. and bless it to go do what it wants in its own reality. Then take a gift of that self’s energy back into your own reality, such as approaching the adult task with a little more playfulness – just not literally dropping everything to run outside!

    However if an emotional energy becomes too consuming and you just can’t get past it, then try the 20 minute emotion meditation. Set a timer, get alone, and squeeze it out! Think, say, remember, visualize whatever helps you to bring up and experience the emotion, let your body let it out. 20 minutes is an ideal amount of time to really explore and wallow in an energy, just stay focused. Reassure yourself you are safe because your intention is to release this now, not later in your daily life where it will burst out uncontrollably and make a mess. You are learning to be bigger than the energy and be the master of your own choices.

    If you find yourself getting tired of this emotion and wanting to do more with your life, that’s a good sign, that would be the goal! You may also notice that the emotional pattern is starting to convert itself into deeper issues, such as hurts becoming angers or vice versa, and more long-held fantasies and impulses. This is also excellent, as you gain clarity on emotional lifestyles that you will clear up in later stages. For now just stay focused on the current feeling, so you can be done with the reactivity that’s kept you here. At the end of 20 minutes, let go and do something you enjoy to change the mood. Talk a walk, eat ice cream, sing and dance, whatever. Your inner being will be naturally drawn to energies that you prefer, and this will help replace the old pattern. I’ve always been amazed how much this procedure can unblock my energy and align me to new exciting opportunities.

    As you continue clarifying and clearing your deeper emotional issues – such as hurts, fears, and angers based on patterns going back to childhood – you may notice the urge to rescript. Rescripting is a vital tool which can be added onto the basic emotional replay meditation to bring lasting resolution. First you feel through the situation that is triggering you, until you’re bigger than the energy and ready to change outcomes. Then you can rescript by replaying the scene as you wished it had gone. There are no limits, have yourself and others say and do whatever helps you in your own imagination! Remember your sacred intention is to discharge and heal in your own private space, so there will be no connection to others or damaging effects.

    Rescripting brings your creatorship into the meditation, instead of just dropping the scene after 20 minutes to go have an ice cream, walk, sing, or whatever. If an emotional pattern keeps returning, it may require this level of active internal rescripting. A little hand-written journaling afterward about the experience then helps to solidify the new reality in your body chemistry. Now you can go have that well-deserved treat or victory dance!

    Best wishes,

    Spiritual Teaching, Life Coaching

  • Kathy Hebert

    May 29, 2021 at 10:42 pm


    Your post has helpful information for me because dealing with emotional energy in a positive, productive manner seems like what I am always working on! Your tips about what to do in the different stages are great because they are so practical! Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

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